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What is a fandom zine?
A fandom zine is a small-circulation, self-published collection of fanworks curated around a specific theme and sold through pre-orders. Contributors to the collection are accepted through an application process, then create a new piece for this zine during the creation period with the help and support of the mod team. The mod team guides the contributors, organizes the creations into a single collection, and manages sales.
Please note that this Carrd and Project contains spoilers from the Chainsaw Man manga!What is the theme of this zine?
This is a Chainsaw Man cookbook zine based around Makima, inspired by the Denji's last "fight" with her before she is reincarnated as Nayuta. This meat-themed cookbook will include halal recipes to the best of our abilities, with vegan substitute ingredients for all the meals.
What types of foods will you include?
We will be including a variety of meat-themed or meat-related foods! This may include appetizers, drinks, lunch, dinner, and desserts made with a type of meat or a vegan substitute ingredient.
Please note that this is a general Chainsaw Man cookbook with recipes made of Makima as narrated by the rest of the cast, rather than it only featuring Makima.
Will ships be allowed?
As this is a cookbook, ships are not expected to be a part of the content to be showcased outside of canon relationships. Contributors are welcome to apply with any ships.
What is this zine's rating?
Given the nature of the source material along with the general theme of the project, this project is rated 18+ with potentially explicit content, including but not limited to: Gore, Subtle Sexual Imagery, and Toxic behavior or language.
How many contributors will you accept?
This will be decided upon the results of the interest check.
Who can contribute?
Anyone 18 years or older at the time of application is welcome to apply.
Will the zine be digital or physical? For-profit or charity?
This zine will be for-profit and physical β€” after paying production costs and shipping, we will be equally splitting profits among contributors.
Note that profits will only be distributed to contributors if we reach a minimum profit margin of at least $350. This is to ensure that each contributor receives at least $5 after PayPal fees. If this minimum is not reached, profits will be donated to a charity (to be announced).How will contributors be compensated?
All contributors will be guaranteed a digital PDF of the zine and the ability to purchase any physical items at production cost. Depending on our sales during preorders, we may be able to compensate shipping or the cost of the items entirely. Profits not spent on item compensation will be equally split among contributors if the minimum profit margin is reached. A full breakdown of compensation tiers will be available upon acceptance to the project.
Where can I find the contributor application requirements?
Please click here to learn about our app requirements!


πŸ”ͺ MOD NEEMSπŸ”ͺSocials, Art, Org, Formatting, Production, Co-Writing/Beta
Perpetually tired grad student with a love for the macabre and also the emotionally stunted man that is aki hayakawa ❀️
Previous Projects:
Golden Future - Social+Organization, Stray Memories - Socials, Blood&Jupiter - Finance/Production+Art+Formatting

Graphic designer by profession, and an illustrator at heart. I do all kinds of stuffβ€”as long as fun is guaranteed!
Previous Experience: This is my first zine!Carrd

πŸ”ͺ MOD SHIDREAMIN πŸ”ͺShipping and Production
Very excited to see CSM anime!!!
Previous Experience: Modded 15+ completed zines and shipped 7 completed ones! Including dmcl zine, IDOLIZED love live zine, Hades fanzine~Carrd

Here to make sure this project slow roasts. Current concern: I would like to bake more cakes but I don't have enough people to help me eat them.
Previous Experience:
Invisible Ties: A Chrobin Zine (Finance/Production), Miyuki Cookbook (Finance/Production), Midnight Melodies: A Castlevania Zine (Finance/Production), Niki's Cookbook (Finance/Production)
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Give me some of that bloody roast babyyyy

πŸ”ͺ MOD NOTTE πŸ”ͺCommunications + Vegan Chef Liason + Production + Co-Writing/Beta
I'm a researcher, public health professional, and a med student (!!!) and also a writer β€” but I dabble in just about everything, as you can probably tell from my roles >.<
Previous Projects:
Luka Zine - Writing, Blood&Jupiter - Writing and Graphics, Genshin Fine Art - Writing and Finance Intern